What is Hypnosis?

what is hypnosisAlthough many people think that hypnosis will be like an event that they have never experienced before, it’s actually quite like an everyday experience and very similar to daydreaming or that feeling that you get just before you fall asleep.

So what is hypnosis? Hypnosis is a state of heightened awareness and intense focus where the therapist can employ specific techniques whilst in this state to help the client alter their perception that will help to change their problem pattern of behaviour.

The trance state is then used to consolidate the change by using carefully chosen words and ideas wrapped around suggestions to send as a message to the subconscious. The reason that it is so effective is that the subconscious is very receptive to imagined situations.

Over the years of us dealing with what life throws at us, we all develop ways of coping with painful or emotional problems so that the least damage is done, but whilst they might have been appropriate at the time several years ago or even in childhood, it may be inappropriate to use the same coping mechanism now. So to use the analogy of a computer, what we need to do is update the out of date ‘software’ that has been running our lives to a current version.

I generally do not use a pendulum during the therapy sessions.

The method of Hypnotherapy I use is Cognitive Hypnotherapy which uses the clients own experiences and views to create change in addition to working together to achieve it. Each person has a treatment plan specifically tailored to them and there is no reading verbatim from a book of pre-written scripts which is what you might find with other Hypnotherapists that are not trained in Cognitive Hypnotherapy.

Self hypnosis

Self Hypnosis is a good complementary aid to back up and provide continuity between and after your treatment has ended and this might be taught to you depending on the nature of your problem.

What hypnotherapy is NOT….

  • It is NOT an opportunity to make you cluck like a chicken
  • It will NOT make you look silly
  • It is NOT mind control by the Therapist
  • It is NOT an opportunity to make you do anything against your will

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