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Hypnotherapy improves IBS patients symptoms

Hypnotherapy is already recommended in the NICE guidelines as a beneficial treatment for IBS, however further support has been obtained in the correlation between improved IBS symptoms & hypnosis. According to the study conducted by Austrian researchers and published in the American Journal of gastroenterology, the group hypnosis sample attended 10 sessions over a 12 week […]

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Hypnotherapy Provides Effective Relief to Alcohol Control

The National Council of Hypnotherapy Details the Results of Hypnotherapy as an Effective Relief to Alcohol Control in Response to New study Drinking in moderation appears to be problem for us in the UK and the report published in the telegraph suggests that we are underestimating the amount we drink each week which could lead […]

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The butterfly effect, one small change can make all the difference

One small change could make all the difference

This is where change happens. Change begins with one small action which can then ripple into a  lifelong change. It’s called the Butterfly Effect. The Butterfly Effect is a theoretical example  that is used to show how a hurricane could be formed from the effect of a butterfly’s wings flapping a number of weeks before […]

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