Hypnotherapy improves IBS patients symptoms

Hypnotherapy is already recommended in the NICE guidelines as a beneficial treatment for IBS, however further support has been obtained in the correlation between improved IBS symptoms & hypnosis. According to the study conducted by Austrian researchers and published in the American Journal of gastroenterology, the group hypnosis sample attended 10 sessions over a 12 week period and responded better than those using normal treatments such as supported medical talks. The sample consisted of 90 patients receiving one of the two interventions with the results showing that gender, age, IBS type or duration of the condition did not impact the success of the Gut directed Hypnotherapy and a year later improvements appear lasting.

The Cartersis approach to IBS symptom treatment is firstly to explore the IBS YOU are experiencing as everyone will experience it differently. Next we can identify the other factors inn your life that could be contributing to the condition and finally put a treatment plan in place top reduce symptoms.

If you could do with some help with Irritable Bowel Syndrome then contact me.

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