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Cartersis HypnobirthingDon’t wait any longer, and make this a labour of love!

Prepare for birth, relax and ease fear with Hypnobirthing

Hypnobirthing using the Confident Childbirth method is a program specifically created for each individual to overcome their fears around labour, birth and pain. The hypnobirth methods have successfully been used for over a decade helping women to be in control of their labour and birthing experience feeling relaxed right from the beginning. After all, a relaxed mum makes the process more pleasurable and research has shown hypnobirthing to improve the APGAR score (measurement of baby’s health) of the baby after birth. These natural childbirth Hypnobirthing techniques can also complement your other antenatal classes.

What are the benefits of hypnobirthing with Cartersis?

Before the Birth

  • The experience of pregnancy becomes a more enjoyable and exciting process as you learn to think more positively about labour and delivery.
  • The skills you learn enable you to relax, look after yourself and cope more calmly with challenges such hospital waiting rooms.
  • Self-hypnosis helps you get sleep better and get back to sleep if your nights are disturbed.

During Labour and Delivery

  • Being positive and calm with a range of pain control techniques to use in childbirth, you’re much less likely to need chemical painkillers.
  • Research shows that labour is likely to be significantly shorter.
  • Research also shows that there’s a much reduced likelihood of forceps, ventouse, or Caesarean section.
  • You’ll have learned a proven method for communicating with medical staff which means you’ll feel involved in any decisions that are made as labour progresses.
  • You’ll have a range of tools and visualisations to use so that you can stay positive and comfortable .

After Your Baby is Born

  • Your baby is likely to have a higher Apgar score (measurement of wellbeing immediately post-delivery)
  • Reduced use of pain medication means reduction of undesirable side effects for mother and baby.
  • You’re likely to need a shorter hospital stay and
  • have a quicker postnatal recovery.
  • Reduced incidence of post-natal depression.
  • Many mothers report that their babies are calmer and feed and sleep better due to their gentle passage into the world.
  • Self-hypnosis and relaxation aid breast-feeding
  • Your new tools can help you cope more easily with family life and get more easily back to sleep during any disturbed nights

You can come along at any stage in your pregnancy and attend 4 sessions with the option to extend to 6 if there are other problems present. Sessions can be taken at your home for a reduced fee or at the Croydon therapy rooms if you would prefer.

During your sessions you’ll learn:

  1. Self-hypnosis: how to go into a state of calm relaxation
  2. Personal visualisations to aid your labour and delivery
  3. Relaxation and a range of pain control techniques
  4. How to remain positive, in control and in communication. Create your birth plan

After session 2 you will receive your own personal Hypnobirthing MP3 download or Hypnobirthing CD to listen to daily to support you. This is what makes the difference between Hypnobirthing classes & Hypnobirthing techniques learnt in one to one sessions.
Most people who want to change will see and experience differences in their lives very quickly – sometimes even after just one session.

I am a Hypnotherapist with specialised training in Hypnobirthing and experience in Psychological applications (and a mum!) which gives me the breadth of knowledge and experience to draw upon to help deal with other problems that arise such as Tokophobia,anxieties, previous traumas and fears.

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