How I Can Help

Weight Loss

For example, overeating, post pregnancy weight gain. [top]

Stopping Smoking

What would it be like to be cigarette free? Hypnotherapy is perhaps most well known for it contribution to people being able to rid themselves of smoking for good. [top]


For example, fear of flying, fear of the Underground, fear of spiders.

Whilst some fear is necessary for our survival, a phobia is an irrational response to something in your surrounding that prevents you from doing that thing. Phobia’s can be created in an instant and can live with you disrupting your life for many years. There are techniques that we could employ to minimise the disruption that these cause to you. [top]

Confidence & Performance Issues

For example exam nerves, fear of public speaking, low self esteem, confidence issues.

Imagine being able to control your nerves before you went into an interview or perform at your best for a driving test or exam. Even speaking to people in a social or work context can cause great anxieties but just take a moment to think about how it would be to be free of that limitation. By working together, I can help you to achieve that. [top]


For example panic attacks, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).

Anxiety is a feeling of unease at something you fear will happen in the future which causes stress and a range of responses.

Do you find you are constantly worrying about something? Are you stressed about work or other things? Perhaps you find it hard to relax or sleep. It is estimated, anxiety and panic disorders affect more than 2 million people in the UK. Some people have a known trigger to their anxiety or panic, others don’t. Either way Cognitive Hypnotherapy is very effective at helping you overcome these problems by re-educating the unconscious mind in a variety of different ways.  [top]

Life Coaching

For example, changing career, ending a relationship, moving country, building a house.

Life coaching originated in sports performance and is more recently known for improving performance and achieving goals generally.

The Cartersis Coaching Programme can help you to achieve your fill potential and if you are feeling ‘stuck’ the programme can identify blockage and help you to move on. Contact me to discuss Life Coaching today .

Sometimes we know what we want but struggle to get there because of fear of failure, fear of change, self limiting beliefs that we cannot do something or don’t deserve happiness. The list is endless to the barriers that we put in the way. Life Coaching can establish what you want reveal what is holding you back and point you in the right direction to achieve your goals. This is a service that can be used on its own or in combination with resolving other issues. [top]