Will I be made to cluck like a chicken?

Only if you want to! You are ALWAYS in control. I have nothing to gain from controlling your mind and in any case, if there is something said that goes against your principles, your mind will automatically reject it. Simple as that.

It is a popular misconception that Hypnotists can make people do silly things against their will. Hypnotherapy is distinctly different to stage hypnosis because it uses the clients view of their problem and how they would like to change. The Cognitive Hypnotherapy approach does not plant ideas that the therapist feels is appropriate which is different to other forms of therapy. The therapist facilitates the clients change by exploring their own beliefs and solutions and they both work together to achieve this.

What is a trance state?

Don’t be put off by the word trance. It is actually an everyday occurrence so let me give you an example. Sometimes when we are travelling eg in the car, on the bus or walking we start thinking of something and get very engrossed in our thoughts and we are therefore in a highly focused state so we exclude everything that is going on outside of our thoughts and concentrate on what we are thinking about. The same sort of thing can happen when we are hoovering, arguing, reading a book or are in prayer or meditation. Intense focus to the exclusion of everything else. That’s it. That is what a trance is. It is a misconception fuelled by stage hypnotists that someone in a trance state becomes zombified. No Zombies in my Practice thank you very much! That’s not what Cognitive Hypnotherapy is about. It is about using a highly focused state to hone in on your problems.